"By far my favorite pants!"

You are at the heart of why we exist. We are of the belief that everyone deserves to feel bold, empowered and comfortable in their unique bodies regardless of their age, gender or size.

With our passion for empowering individuals, we have carefully curated a wide range of inclusive clothing.

Allow us to embark on this journey of self-discovery with you whilst celebrating the beauty of diverse bold prints with our exquisite range of clothing.

Hi! I'm Nana Achiaa

As a college student in 2014, i loved wearing bold african print clothing to various occasions. Each time i wanted a new outfit, i had to ask someone to bring me an outfit from Ghana. 

The inaccessibility and overall costs were frustrating and i did not want others who loved bold prints to have such experiences. 
Fueling my passion to bridge this gap, I started this business by making beautiful and affordable bold print designs for individuals with one purpose in mind. To create unique daring designs that were comfortable, empowered people to love their unique body types and also displayed the beauty of african culture through bold prints.



Our clothing is carefully handmade by local artisans in Ghana, West Africa. Each purchase made contributes significantly to empowering our artisans to support their families. 
We have a goal of building a factory in Ghana to empower more local artisans and provide fair wages to over 1000 local artisans by 2026.


335 Haggerty Rd #1086 Walled Lake MI 48390