About Us



I migrated to the United States in 2013-2014 to pursue my master's degree in electrical engineering. As an immigrant in the US, wearing african print clothing was normal to me and so whilst attending college, i wore different african print clothing to events, received compliments each time and started sharing my designs with some of my friends.

At the time, african print ready to wear clothing was not easily accessible in the US market so my family and friends urged me to start a business since i was already designing for my friends. In 2014, I founded Amania Afrik. However, as a college student with limited resources and time, i sat on the idea of launching until 2018 when i launched my first etsy shop.

The brand operated for about two years and during that time i shared beautiful designs loved by so many people while also providing a source of income to my employees in Ghana. In 2020 during covid 19 pandemic, i got laid off from my fulltime job as a robotics engineer. I went through a depression season and put the business on hold until 2023.  

I am excited to start this journey over again and deliver quality handmade clothing inspired by the African culture. I strongly believe that each woman or man who wears my designs will walk in confidence and in grace with style!


The name Amania Afrik was created when I was going through some personal struggles and redefining my identity. Amania simply means faith in God and Afrik is a shortened form of Africa. I am strongly having faith starting afresh and continuing on this business journey i started in 2014 with the goal of setting up a factory in Ghana to provide a source of income to my employees and also complete the setting up of Amania Foundation to support the less privileged.

Welcome to our family and thank you for supporting my dream. 

Founder & President

Nana Achiaa.